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about lynne

Lynne ShanerI work as a mind-body specialist, trainer, and instructor, and am based in Maryland, near Washington, DC. I founded Praxis: Wellness in Life & Work, a wellness practice specializing in mind-body approaches to life. In addition to earning my Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine I am certified as both a hypnotherapist and an EFT Master Trainer, and am also a Reiki Master. I bring each of these approaches into my work with clients in my private practice, where I work with clients who have concerns ranging from pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD to peak performance and flourishing. I am fortunate to regularly teach and speak at the Washington National Cathedral and at the Hope Connections for Cancer Center.

I’ve been fortunate to teach at both Saybrook University and George Mason University. Additionally, I have taught introductory EFT to staff at Georgetown University hospital and has trained MDs, nurses, and other health-care providers in EFT. I am a coauthor of The EFTfree Manual and cofounder of, a nonprofit website and organization devoted to EFT and mind-body education.