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It is, perhaps, the best time of year. Autumn is spectacular with its splashes of deep color and the coolness that allows us to make a cup of tea and pull on a sweater.  Autumn really reminds us that the year is beginning to end and soon we will welcome another year. What do I want to let go of from this past year, and other times? What new perspectives, understandings, teachings, hopes do I want to bring into the coming year? I know that I want to grow in wisdom and in my ability to love. And there are many other possibilities—it will take some time to think through them all. Practicing daily meditation continues to be critically important in my own transformation, as do other mindfulness practices, including simple ones, such as breathing.  Breathing deeply is an important and easy mind-body tool that allows for a little bit of calm to enter the day, no matter how turbulent it may be. And, too, you may find that you need more assistance, dealing with what is gong on in your life; the things you want to leave behind and those you’d like to welcome in.  As a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner (EFT is also known as “tapping”), I can work with you to help you address the areas creating stress and difficulty in your life, and can help you create the change you’ve wanted. For real. These two mind/body technologies, or modalities, are quite capable of creating real change at the neural pathway and cellular level—whether you are interested in creating peak performance in your life and work, managing and relieving pain, reducing stress, dissolving trauma and PTSD, overcoming eating problems and weight issues, dealing with other addictions, or addressing other tough concerns.

There is no question that stress, fear, pain, and trauma are contributors to the diseases and blocks in our lives. According to many sources, stress alone accounts for approximately two-thirds or more of all visits to physicians.

We have tools now, however, that can gently and effectively free you from these stresses and blocks, and also reach into the subconscious mind to create new pathways and a new approach to your life. I use both a simple, easy-to-learn technique called EFT (emotional freedom techniques—also known as “tapping”) and hypnotherapy—-by using either or weaving the two together we can work together to resolve or eliminate challenging, painful, and emotional problems in your life. And best of all, perhaps, you’ll learn EFT, so that all the work we do grows stronger between each session.

Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, tapping is a sophisticated cousin of acupressure that is integrated into current science regarding the links between mind, body, the body’s energy system, and health. Together we will gently realign your body’s energy system with a simple tapping procedure. Clients of mine break through to success in all areas of their lives—professional, personal, physical, spiritual. EFT (tapping) is noninvasive, remarkably swift, and we often see it work when nothing else does. And hypnotherapy, used by medical centers all over the world, has a long track record in achieving desirable change that sticks. Weaving the two together often profoundly deepens the impact of each.

While I specialize as an EFT practitioner and hypnotherapist, I am also a Reiki Master, spiritual director, contemplative, and meditator, bringing years of deep peace and deep listening to our work together. I have just completed a Ph.D. in mind-body medicine, and I bring a deep understanding of this work from both the scientific and experiential standpoints. And in addition to working individually with clients, I am available to address, work with, and train individuals and groups. Some clients and corporations will prefer the convenience of working on retainer, an arrangement that is available on a limited basis.

We will together explore what is holding you back, and tailor the approach to the problem or challenge. Successful clients understand that the power to change lies within but are aware, too, that working with an expert can make real change happen more quickly, reliably, and effectively. It can simply be the best investment you can make right now.

Call now and open the doors to wellness in your life.

Currently I am specializing in the following areas:

  • workplace + life stress alleviation/management
  • childhood trauma/PTSD alleviation
  • wellness (pain management/alleviation, cancer treatment side-effects, allergies, sleep concerns)
  • peak performance/ corporate success/optimizing wellness
  • sports performance
  • creativity/life goal awakening and success
  • smoking cessation/cravings/addictions/alcoholism
  • weight concerns (weight loss, body image, food issues, cravings)
  • fear of public speaking

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Disclaimer: Please note that while EFT and hypnotherapy have produced remarkable clinical results, I offer both as a certified practitioner; I am not a licensed health care provider. The client takes full responsibility for use of these modalities.