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about lynne

Lynne ShanerI am a scholar-practitioner. I work as a mind-body specialist and I teach complementary and integrative medicine and related topics at Saybrook University.  I founded Praxis: Wellness in Life & Work, a wellness practice specializing in mind-body approaches to life. In addition to earning my Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine I am certified as both a hypnotherapist and an EFT Master Trainer, and am also a Reiki Master. I bring each of these approaches into my work with clients in my private practice, where I work with clients who have concerns ranging from physical discomfort, addiction, anxiety, depression, and trauma challenges,  to peak performance and flourishing. I am fortunate to regularly teach and speak at the Washington National Cathedral and at the Hope Connections for Cancer Center. I work with corporate and institutional clients as well.

I am on the faculty at Saybrook University. Additionally, I am a cofounder of Integrative Medical Consulting.  I am a coauthor of The EFTfree Manual and cofounder of, a nonprofit website and organization devoted to EFT and mind-body education.